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Love this mechanic!


You have to think of something when you're bored at work

What a great game with an overall positive message! A really cool entry to the jam and a well rounded and polished game!

Thank you :) I still have things to fix in the game

That ending is so great ;)

I quite liked the sound effects you used too

I "animated" Zoey, 2 whole frames of animation :))

Great idea and cute graphics and music. Relatively simple looking but doesn't need anything else. Some of the levels were pretty damn tricky

I'm glad you liked it ^_^

Very cool idea that I've never seen done before. Works really well.

One thing I have to mention though is that there's a bug when using a high refresh rate monitor that causes your player to shrink super slowly or not at all.

To solve this you should always multiply things by Time.deltaTime in your Update() method, or more precisely Time.deltaTime *60 if you want to keep 60 FPS as your reference speed.

I can't figure that bug out, I have all my deltaTimes where they need to be. I thinks it's something more subtle that I'm missing. Do you know of a way how I could replicate the more frames effect? so that I could at least debug the problem

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Maybe turning off V-Sync and setting Application.targetFrameRate to something like 160 helps? Alternatively you could try limiting the FPS to 30 or even 15 to get the opposite effect.

Super adorable and super fun. Very easy to pick up but challenging and creative.

Thank you! I didn't have time to make art for it, had to settle for badly drawn faces

Awesome! Super cute and creative!

Thank you for playing!

This was a great game! music, artwork, mechanics and fun, thanks for making it :D

PD: I didnt have any problem, played on googlechrome (updated)

I should credit the music. It's made by Benjamin Tissotfrom 

Hi there! Unfortunately doesn't seem to start for me. Shows Unity splash screen and nothing I click or press seems to work :/

I'm on Win10 & Chrome 76.0.3809.100 if that helps. :)

Me too

Thank you! I'll work on it, do other unity games work for you?

Most do

Can you please check if it works now?  :)

Hello! I can hear music but it's about it. ^^'

I've tried few other games and they seem to work ok.

Thank you! :( I don't think I can finish this issue in time for the jam

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Could you check on the following please? :)

Is your camera size and proportion ok? 

Does it show in your unity correctly? 

Are the scenes in the right order during build?

Do you have any build errors? 

It shows in my unity correctly, I have a script that adjusts the camera. It works for most people, there are 3 people I know of that it doesn't work for. Did you try full screen? maybe it'll work that way